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It would be foolish to mount the turbo anywhere else but in the front on a supra. The F-body kit came about due to lack of space in the front. Originally STS came up with the kits for trucks because they were very easy to install and reasonably priced vs other options.

On an f-body the engine bay is very cramped and there is not a whole lot of room to mount a turbo. It can be done, but it's not cheap and it definately makes working on the car more difficult. You lose exhaust volume due to the temps dropping a few hundred degrees by the time it get to the turbo. To make up for that you run a smaller turbine housing.

I have a t67 on my car right now with a .81 housing p-trim. I see full boost by 3500. Car makes great power.

Supras came with a turbo in the front, keep it there.
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