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Rear Rotors

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Got a question about the rear rotors. I haven't changed the rotors since i bought the car and now I'm trying to get both rear rotors changed and new pads put on as well.

Ordered the pair of rotors from Jay Marks, apparently they are the same part number...but the guy at the shop called me up and told me that the right one fits but the left one doesn't. Apparently the left rotor that's on there now is a different size than the one they sent me and the new one is too big so it's hitting against the backing plate and not fitting on.

Any ideas as to what's going on here? Any help greatly appreciated.
My name is Joe and I live in Newark,DE. Email me privately if you wish. [email protected]
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I just bought some new rear rotors form Jay marks and they were the smae part number and they both fit with no problems. They definately should not be different diameters. If they are, you got the wrong parts!
The dude at the shop is saying that i have two different sized rotors on there already, and that the two i got from Jay marks are the same size, same part number. I'll have to have him show me when i pick up the car today.
The rears should be the same number and size. The fronts are different. Any chance someone put a front rotor on your rear?
That could be the case, but then the one that's supposed to go on there should fit, shop guy says it hits against the backing plate.
Without seeing it I have no idea. That's why you should do it yourself ;)
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