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Rear Seat

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I have a problem. My rear seat pin broke, so i can't put the rear seat down. Does anyone have any tips of how to fix my problem?
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sorry to steal your thread but..anybody know how much the rear seats weigh?

but answer his question first before mine, sorry again:p
sup man, same thing happened to me. What do you mean by the pin broke? on mine the plastic piece that it catches onto broke. ANyways i went to toyota and they gave me the number of a guy that works with custom upholstering seats and stuff of that nature. Turns out that this simple little problem is much more complicated then u think...they have to take apart the whole seat and install a new latch piece, (which im pretty sure u can get from curt aigner)

and i think the seat weighs a little less than 100 pounds

i know my friend's is 81 pounds for his 1998 240sx
Thanx man it will have to be done but the only thing that sux is that i have my amps on the back of the seat. Well i will take the seat apart i guess thanx man anyways..
yep...theres really no other me i asked
93BlueTurbo said:

and i think the seat weighs a little less than 100 pounds

I think it's a lot less than that. More like 22 pounds...but maybe I'm wrong.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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