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Hello Supra-holics

My '87 Turbo has the original stereo in it and the time has finally arrived to start replacing it. I'm not interested in a rolling sound machine, just a common sense component replacement. Without a lot of sawing.

My rear speakers were in real bad shape so I started there. I looked carefully here and saw that there's been some discussion of how to do this, and after today I can confirm that you have to take the speaker boxes out. This allows you to install new ones and get a good seal. I don't know how you could get at the screws holding the speaker down in any other way.

How Toyota figured that its a good idea to disassemble most of the rear interior to get at the speakers remains a mystery. The Toyota shop manual covers this, but it's in the "how to remove the rear quarter windows". Here's the steps.

remove rear seat.
remove the carpet.
remove the rear seat backs
remove the trunk floor
remove the piece the floor bolts to
remove the speaker cover
remove the four big interior parts, from behind the doors to the back.

Here's the pile of stuff you wind up with.

Here's the speaker box, remove it.

Here's what your speakers might look like.

Standard 4 inch speakers fit, I bought Infinity

All back together in a day.


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I'm going to do that anyway because the speaker i want to get comes with a crossover unit and i want to line the inside of the box with dynamat. I want some infinity kappa's, have some of those in the front and they sound perfect!! i never even have to touch the EQ, infact it will sound worse if i do. Thinking about rewireing the car with some 16 manster cable and a 4ch 400watt (200rms/50x4) amp for the interior speakers. Dont think i will ever get a sub. :fawk:
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