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Hey guys. I made a thread last week asking about the IRS of your cars. I found and bought one.

150 bucks, dirt cheap as far as I can see. LSD as well. Oh yeah.

I am mounting this rear suspension in my 77 Celica. Since I obviously need to make mounts on the chassis, placement of the mounts is pretty critical for proper alignment and suspension geometry.

A few hard questions, a few easy ones.

-Anyone know the CV angle capabilities? Like VW bus CV's are good for about 22° and Porsche 930 CV's are good for about 25°, for example...
-Any information on the factory suspension travel angles?
-Factory suspension travel? (in metric or english)
-Easy one, is there a bumpstop on the coil-over?
-Camber/caster minimums and max's in the factory suspension travel limits?
-Spindle dimensions?

If there any excel files or something with this information that would be fantastic, but it is probably not a common concern for most of you.

I figure it is probably best for me to set ride height at 0° camber if I dont have any reason to do otherwise. It will eventually be pretty much a daily driver.

Thanks, Kyle.

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