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Rear Wheel Bearing

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It would seem the weird noise I am hearing is the rear driver's side wheel. While changing the oil, I checked the play on the rear wheels and sure enough I could grab the tire and move the whole thing back and forth about 1/8th of an inch. The other side and other wheels did not budge.

How much should a reputable shop charge for this? Is it a relatively common ( same repair across different models ) repair? There is a great repair place here in Columbia (British American Auto Care) that I want to take it to. I guess I am looking for some assurance that this won't turn into a massive expense and "well it costs more fer dat dere import youz got" kinda thing

Thanks for anyone's input
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I'm in the process of changing mine right now, and I can tell you it is a major PITA. I'm not really sure what it costs for a shop to do it, but I can tell you to expect about $200 in parts if your hub is bad also. Jay Marks sells the bearing and seals for about $75. The wheel hub, which you may not need, costs $132. Driving with the bad bearing will result in the hub going bad as well. Mine was bad when I bought the car, so God only knows how long the car was driven with a bad bearing. If you've got the money for a shop to do it, I would take that route and save yourself the headache. I just like to have that reassurance the the job was done right.
Is that the price for both sides? I figure I would do both sides at the same time, and replace the hub as well. I've only put about 400 miles on it since I first heard the weird noise but i don't want to take any chances or be forced to redo the whole thing because I should have replaced the hub the first time
No, that is for the drivers side only. I'm not replacing the passenger side until it's broken, too much work!:)
If anyone needs bearings, I have a set (payed Jay Marks $150 for 'em + shipping)... make an offer.
I made the mistake of going to toyota and paid 426.00 for the whole deal. If you go to an idependet shop they will charge you about half that. Yes it was my driver's side rear also.
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