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Recommendations for an Upgraded System

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What do u suggest for a Head Unit and Speakers? I like the Pionner Head units, as to speakers, there are so many brands out there!! I rather pay a lil more and get some better quality. Any help would be appreciated. Also I think a new Amp would be needed for the new speakers.

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for head units, i recommend you look into eclipse. kinda pricey but well worth it. here's a pic of my eclipse 7301...

as for speakers and amps, i'm running boston pros all around and 2 JL 8w6 subs. haven't powered the front and rears yet with a new amp but my subs are powered by an mtx amp.

here's a link to my install pics i took to give you some ideas...

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thats a sweet setup, how much did it run?, if u dont mind asking. ALso will the targa fit in the trunk with the box.

thanks DakaDan. i purchased the head unit from james (ktrends) for 925. the boston pros component fronts and 2way rears cost me 300 (hooked up from my friend) and the each sub cost me 100 (help from another friend). since my friend and i installed everything and built the box, the grand total was 1325.

as for the targa top question, yep...the targa still fits nice and snug without any problems.
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