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Recommendations on the Best offset for 19" wheels? Please.

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Hello all, I am just about to buy some Braid 19"
split rims which are going to be custom manufactured
to any offset I like.

I desperatly need some recommendations on the best offset
for the wheels, I want a nice sized lip while still
clearing the brakes. I don't want to go to wild with
the tires i.e. maximum of 275/30'2 rear and 245/35
fronts and want to be free from any inner or outer
arch fouling. I also don't wish to modify the arches
in any way and I may also upgrade in the future to a big brake kit.

I know their are quite a few Supra owners on this forum who have 19's fitted to their cars, so what offsets do you currently have and how is the ride? do the wheels catch the arches.

Any advice on the offset issue would be appreciated.

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Best offsets for 19" rims.

Thank's, I have tried the Tire/wheel calculator, I was more after personal experience's with 19" wheels as once I have ordered the wheels in a custom offset they can not be returned, so I need to get it right first time.

I have also tried searching on this subject and nothing is coming up. There is plenty about 18" offsets but not much about 19" offsets. I am going to place the order in the next few days so any information would be usefull.

I had thought about going for +38 offset all round with 235/35 front and 265/30 rear as I know another Supra with this combination what are your thoughts on this?

I have included a picture of the wheels just incase spoke design comes into it.

Rim height has nothing to do with offset. When asking about rim sizes and offset, all you need to mention is width and if its for front or rear. Just telling Steve Jarvis this will have him shoot you up a offset for the front/rear in the size you mention. Not all rims come in all different offsets tho.

I have 10x19ET51 rear and 9x19ET50 front wheels with 275/30 and 245/35 tires. Although they looked a bit narrow from behind I had absolutely no problems with rubbing. I now run 15mm spacers rear and 5mm spacers front to improve the looks but I get an occasional rubbing in the front on hard turns.

Check the wheel fitment guide, it is a sticky in the correct forum for this post.

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