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Hello guys Im in the proces of reconecting everithing to be able to drive my supra, thing is i cant remember where these 4 cables were conected :stickpoke so i plead your help.

A comes from the AC no wonder it dint work, I noticed E in the second pic is cutted might it go there? the part you cant see is blue but the ac cable is grey :dunno:

B and C come from the same cable, i cant find the conector for B even when I look to it it rings millions of Bells but i just cant dig it (UPDATE, i found the conector behind the alternator DOTH, and C goes below the cable conected to alternator in pic)

D comes from the same cable that connects to the alternator, i dont know where the other goes.Can it go to the Starter motor? the other side conects to the positive batery

Hope you guys can remember i know I cant :dunno:

D is a ground

B goes into the back of the alt I think. I just changed my alt out so I kinda had to put these cables back into place..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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