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Wanted to start this message off with a
cool picture... Check out the 10.5 install

Hope your passengers have short legs. :D Ok,
now my question: I am installing an Eclipse
CD player in my Supra. I purchased a wiring harness for Toyotas that matched up perfectly
with the white Harness Jacks that are on the
right-bottom side of the console area. (I
believe these are the AMP by-pass lines going
directly to the speakers. Also, just FYI,
their is no Sub/non-fading wires coming
out of the Eclipse harness (there are RCA
lines though)). I spent some time carefully
soldering the two harnesses together,
heat-shrink wrapping them, and double
checking everything. (making it pretty)

I installed the Eclipse (and made a new
1-DIN storage box the new frame for my
Apexi AVC-R). Everything was looking good
until I hooked up the battery and nothing
happend. Well CRAP. I went over
everything, and everything (like there
is much to check), and finaly discovered...
That the white harness jack, DOESN'T HAVE
the all important Red, Yellow, or Black
wires feeding into it!

(And finaly, my question) Where do I
tap these 3 wires?

I looked at the old Toyota CD
players harness (the one that leads to
the AMP), it has several red,
yellow, black wires in it. Or is there
a better, prefered place to connect? Or
is somebody going to tell me I need to
get a new AMP, new 4", new 6.5" and a new
12" sub, and what the heck, new monster
cables before I can listen to the damn
morning show or Metallica on my way to
work? :) j/k Please share any thoughts you
have. But as for getting new expensive
toys, all my money is going into the
"Rebuild 160,000 Mile Engine" fund.

Thank you,


35 Posts
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