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The last Redline Time Attack at Beaverun was a blast! Results for that event should be posted soon but there were no Supra's to be found, what's up with that??

I'm planning on attending the second east coast event at Summit Point's Shenandoah Circuit so I'm here to spread the news! This is a great time for anyone interested in performance driving to come out and there is a class for EVERYONE.

Most likely you guys will be in Street or Modified RWD. The biggest difference between the two classes is the type of tires allowed. Street requires street tires of course, anything with a 140 rating or higher. Modified class allows DOT-R tires, anything with a 40 rating or higher. Unlimited is basically all out race cars, allowing typical race car mods like lexan windows, slicks, etc. For more rules you can check out the site here-

These events are very relaxed. You tech your own car, you supply your own helmet. If the schedule is anything like the last event it will go something like this:


Gates Open: 7 AM

Driver's Meeting: 8:30 AM

Novice Practice Sessions: 9-9:30AM
Intermediate Practice Sessions: 9:30-10AM
Advanced Practice Sessions: 10-10:30 AM

Novice Practice Sessions: 10:30-11AM
Intermediate Practice Sessions: 11-11:30AM
Advanced Practice Sessions: 11:30-Noon

Lunch Break: Noon- 1PM

And so forth with two more practice sessions until closing ~5PM


Same style but with afternoon sessions being the Time Attack runs which went like this:

You get 5 laps out total; The first is a warm up lap to bring the tires and brakes up to temperature, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th are your hot laps where you want to set your best time, and the 5th and final lap is your cool down session before pitting.

Don't sit there reading this thinking "Oh my car isn't modded enough to compete." or "I'm going to get spanked so I won't even try". That's just a lame excuse. It's why there are different classes for each car based on modifications. Hell, at the last event there were faster laps being put out by the street cars than some of the modified class cars!

Trophies, plaques, hats, shirts and other prizes will be given out after the event during the Awards Ceremony on Sunday afternoon. The top three places in each class(nine classes total) receive plaques and get their pictures taken with Modified Magazine.

Driver's Instruction is offered at the last event for $40 and I'm sure it will be offered here as well. It is not required but is available if anyone wants it.

More information about the Redlne Time Attack can be found on their site-

Hope to see some of you guys out there!
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