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SupraTTurbo2JZ said:
Does anyone know of such thing ? does it exist ?

I love the red line vids and love the MKIVs except lately ive started looking into MKIIIs cause thats actually a reallity for me hehe... eitherway so id like to see a vid with MKIIIs roaming around waisting gas.... something like the RedLine vids... REDLINE3 has one MKIII scene and the car isnt even moving ... ITS STANDING... !!!!! soo if anyone knows of such vid or has vids and wants me to try my best to make something work... PM me or post it here!....

PS: When i said has vids and wants to give em to me to make something work.... i meant that i will TRY, i cant garantee the work that REDLINE has offered. :(
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