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- Regarding the free mods -

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- Regarding the free mods - doesnt go into any detail regarding the usages of its free mods listed under BPU: Boost Control ...... I was wondering what the differences are between using the bleeder T vs. clamp vs. VSV bypass vs. VSV. Any of them safer than the others?

Also, at what point in one's BPU'age does the EGR mod become suggested/necessary? Any of the other 'free' mods recommended at BPU?
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Don't use a bleeder, get a ball-n-spring MBC for $50. They can be had many places,

I would get an EGR blockoff plate immediately. Mohd sells them.
G <---What exactly is this?

Also, do you have a link to the EGR blockoff plates?

dont do any of these mods without FCD/BCC because i promise you will hit fuel cut.

Bleeder T is what I see used most commonly, never hurt anything i know of, i would be a hell of a lot more hesitant to take the hose off.
I have BCC installed and was running the bleeder T.
I've recently been hooked up with a Toyota mechanic in the area who has worked on a handful of BPU Supras. He cautioned that everyone he ever knew who used the bleeder ended up causing damage. So I capped the tee off and will be getting a Profec B.

But back to my original question.... what are the differences, performance- and safety-wise, between the free boost mods.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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