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does any one know about the 123mph regulator?
well i was on the freeway the other night and i hit about 123 and i noticed that it wouldnt accelerate ne more and earlyer that day another guy with a and identical NA as mine said something about the regulator and how it kiks in at 123 and wont let you go ne faster.

my car:
87 NA

I can say for certain that my Canadian model NA will exceed an indicated 123 mph.

Shortly after I got the car, I took it to 6500 RPM in 5th gear, which indicated a bit over 150 mph.

Disclaimer: I've had a lot of people run up the BS flag on that claim. I haven't repeated it, and since I now have taller diffy gears, (3.909:1 vs 4.300:1) I haven't matched the RPM, but I've topped 140 mph (By taking the indicated speed and multiplying by 1.1) I'm still not sure how I got that speed from my NA. Maybe I had a great tailwind, and maybe the road wasn't level. I didn't stop to analyse the conditions.

In any case, I can vouch for there being no speed limiter at any speed that I was able to go.
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