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Reliability of ebay indigo gauges?

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I got some indigo gauges off ebay a few months ago. Now I know other people have noticed fading in their lowcost indigos, but mine are behaving differently. They keep turning off as if the power supply is bad. Now I have opened my dash many times to make sure they were connected securely.

Today I went in and moved the wires over and taped into the wires running up to my Apexi gauges. So now I start driving around and everything is fine. Then the indigos blink out, and the Apexi's stay on. So now it looks like the power supply is fine and the indigo unit is bad.

Has anybody else seen indigos fail like this? I would upgrade is a more expensive indigo unit if it will fix my problem. I will not be happy if I buy a new set of indigos and get the same problems. Any suggestions?
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I've had my indigo gauges on my car since last April. Have not had any problems with them at all. There the 5 color ones. I have only put about 2000 miles since last April though, but mostly all night time. I would think yours are just defective.
My 5 color indiglos recently died on me. I've had them since september. I hate to open up that dash and take them out again too much troubble. I kinda like the indiglo needles glowing at night though but u cant see shit on the rpms or speed you just have to know where everything is. lol.
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