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I'm interested in some professional opinions on reliabilty of supras that make 500hp + on stock internals. I'm looking to purchase a right hand drive Mk4 supra, preferably 95 or later and whack on a single turbo kit.
My previous project was a skyline gts25t I took up to 500hp on stock internals and started cooking pistons amongst other things. It's just not as big HP friendly as its RB26 powered cousin.

I'm really impressed by the multitude of fantastic claims from allover the web - going from 330 to 800ps on stock internals is amazing. If i'm going to buy a supra I need further impressing about the engines factory build quality.

I've read all the supra-kill stories and it seems the supra is a solid platform for boosting, but i want to know everything and the truth about how well the Mk4 takes big boost.
Do I really need to think about building up the bottom end with good pistons and rods?
If i have a 600-800hp set up (depending on what cam grind - i might choose to make this my daily driver car) how long can i expect it to last? How much hard driving does it take to make it break?

And finally just out of curiousity, what is the limit that the stock crankshaft can stand? (should i be tempted to build everyting else to the max)

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Just think of it as a big brother to the RB26... except with an even stronger block.
Forged micropolished crank and forged rods, straight from the factory. Craig Paisley ran 8 second quarter miles for an entire season without even taking the head off the block, and he started racing it with 50000 miles on it.

There are plenty of 700 wheel horsepower Supras, and quite a few still running stock Toyota head gaskets.
1.2 bar of boost is nothing to a daily driven Supra.

Just enlarge the oil return on the stock oil pump and you're good to go...
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