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Rematch C5 vs. 93HT BPU ++ Supra

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Tomorrow there is going to be a rematch between me and FENSKY, except this time he has a 6 speed.

The Cars:

C5 Vert - Me
Small cam and all boltons
3800 stall and 3.42's
BFG Drag Radials
Dyno - (Dont laugh) only 336rwhp
Trap in 1/4 = 113

93 HT BPU ++
All that BPU++ means
Nitto 555R Drag Radials
Dyno - 400+

The race will be from a dig to about 120, alittle over a 1/4 mile. Should take about 12.5 secs. I am sure we will do some roll races too.

Hey we are friends and I really want to see his new ride so this is for fun. Sorry no video unless FENSKY wants a passenger.

I am posting this to get your guesses on who will win?

I am guessing me by a car with him coming up fast, we will see tomorrow. My times at the track range from 11.90 to 12.0 at 113-114.

To be fair I will post this in also!
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Yes, this will be fun. My car is BPU ++ (cam gear and FMIC). I have not tuned fuel yet. My stock clutch is slipping some in upper gears, but I still want to run him anyway.

Scott - now that this has been raised to the "national" level I am going to run race gas rather than my water/alcohol injection on pump gas. I'll need all the help I can get to run you down by 120 mph.

Question - I don't see many people using Nitto 555R Drag Radials at the track (almost always BFG Drag Radials). How do these two tires compare in terms of grip?
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