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Removing shocks and springs

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I was adjusting the height of my suspension this weekend and although I managed to get it done I had a question about removing the rear shocks. Even with the jack at its maximum height the shock still extends enough to make removal difficult. This wasn't a problem on the front. I could apply a little pressure to the upper suspension arm and slip the shock out. In the rear the shock has a different through bolt setup so this wasn't possible. Any tips?

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did you remove the stabilizer bar nut (the one with the hex on the end of the bolt)? If so, all you need to do is push down hard at the lug nut area/rear axle hub. Note you need to jack up the other side to push the stabilizer bolt out. I hope you didn't remove the center nut on the shock absorber. You should only losen it and remove it after it is out. The assembly will expand if you do that. Just did mine yesterday :D .

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Yep, I removed the stabilizer bolt and I didn't remove the center bolt. I ended up having my girlfriend lean all her weight (not much) on one end while I pushed the shock back in position. I could never get it off, but I was happy I got it back together.

Do Bilstein shocks have a really long uncompressed length or something?
I ended up having my girlfriend lean all her weight (not much) on one end while I pushed the shock back in position.

LOL I dunno why but that gave me a little chuckle... This sounds easier than it was with my celica... the brake line isnt attached to the strut anywhere on the Supra is it? it was on my Celica and it was a PITA to get that little crecent nut off because it was stripped.. thats the only part I dont like doing is disconnecting the brake line from the strut... But the supra isnt designed that way, correct?

Im planning on getting some AGX's and eibach's pretty soon since Tein's are out of the question for a little while.
Simple... u did it right having your GF put her weight on it.... every time I install a rear shock... removal and install... I just have somone step on the brake caliper and push it down then the shock slides right back in and out.. easy task... doesnt hurt anything as I have done it plenty of times.... without having to disconnect the sway bar also.... later....
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