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removing sound insulation?

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I saw a post awhile back about removing sound deadener from under the carpet in the back. Is it under all the carpet in the car, even in the front, and if anyone has removed it, how much weight does it save? as well, is it painted body colour or does it just sit on top?(id go look but my car's parked for the winter).

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Yeah, "possible". Use heat and a pnumatic air chisel I guess. I know it's been done w/ heat and a scraper. Still hard to get off. Weighs quite a bit from what I heard.

I've also read about a few people doing this. What I'd like to know is how much more noise there is in the cabin afterwards.

It's my daily driver so I'm looking for some hp w/o sacraficing too much comfort. Thanks.

-- Alex
I don't worry about noise in the cabin to much.. Just turn the radio up a bit louder..

But i removed all mine and noticed ita louder.. but i have rear interior stripped right now..

My sound deadening material came right out with these cold days.. I just hit it with a hammer.. Being so cold the material is very stiff and brittle.. hitting it cause the metal under it to flex a bit and the material losses it bond with it and comes right off..

If its not very cold around you dry ice works
being that you are in alberta canada, these cold ass days are the time you want to rip it out. I did mine in pennsylvania last year with a hammer and a flat head screw driver one day cause i was bored. Then, any area that you are not going to recarpet, get a real real nasty paint stripper, and lay that down, and it will get off any remaining bits that the chisseling didnt get off. then lay down some paint, and make it look nice. I did my whole car up to the dash. then i put the interior back down, less the rear. sorry about the shitty pic, but its all i had around now. you can kinda see what i did with the rear. notice no rear speakers, no rear interior, no tar, no panels, etc. aso have corbeau seats, no ac, no ps, and a bunch of other stuff.
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I just chisseled it all by hand too. I didn't weight it, but was under the impression it was more like 80lbs if you clear all the way to the firewall...
nope i took it ALL out, even the tranny hump and the mesh in the back, 45 pounds. i was dissapointed too
Only 45lbs? Wow... I removed only what was under the rear seats and that was 20lbs alone. Came up real easy too. I ended up taking out some more in the back, but didn't bother to weight it.

If you want you can replace it with Dynamat... its about 1/4 the weight and kills the road noise better too.
wow this is opening up an old thread...and a painful wound...(see avatar)-makes it kind of hard to remove sound insulation when you dont have a car anymore!

its on my things to do list when i buy the new supe though.
I removed some of it and replaced it with (don't laugh) Wooden floor sound deading insulation. They use it for second story houses with wooden floors so they don't sound hollow. I got it from a carpet store outlet and it was only $20 for a roll big enough to cover the entire carfloor. It kinda looks like Dynamat but without the fancy foil.
Yeah, I was searching on this and found this post without many responses so I figured I'd bring it back to the top instead of creating another one. Keep supraforums clean!

Thanks for all the info!

-- Alex
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