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O.K., I've clayed my black MKIV and need to remove the sh*t load of swirl marks on the paint. I'm planning on getting the Zaino stuff when removing the swirls, any advise on what to use on my car to remove the swirl marks?????:cool:

I'll save you allot of pain :) Here is what you need

Porter-Cable 7424 Random Orbit 6"

6" Counter-weight 1 699933

6 inch Velcro back-up plate VBP-6

$10.00 each
6 inch White Polishing Pad 46-670VC <-get two

3M™ Finesse-It™ II Finishing Material, 16 oz, PN 39003

3M™ Perfect-It™ Foam Polishing Pad Glaze Swirlmark Remover, 16 oz, PN 39009

1. For deep swirls/scratches use 3M 39003
2. For Swirls use 3M 39009
3. Go over the hole car with the Porter-Cable pollisher using 3M 39009 (or 39003 if needed, then 39009)

4. Z1 then Z5 then Z6 then Z3 then Z6 then Z3

Don't waste hours trying to do it by hand, not only will you get better results using the Porter-Cable but it will be done so much faster. I did allot of mine by hand but finely ended up braking down and buying the Porter-Cable. Also allot of people say swirl mark remover doesn't take swirls out but guess what. You don't have swirls if swirl mark remover doesn't take them out you have scratches that go in a circular pattern :) Don’t skimp on the 39003 b/c you’ll probably need it somewhere.

Good Luck
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