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hey guys ,

yes i searched but dunno whats the solution here !
before yasterday my dump friend was driving my supra and my car in very hot day and the AC is turned on he punched the car a little and the car overheated due the raditor got low waterlever .
anyway after 1 hour when he came to me the orange oil light was on and the car was leaking all the oil anyway in the second day my mech replaced the seal with new toyota seal and car is great no leaks no shit ! after 1 hour from starting the car i punched the car 3 4 times and just yasterday i noticed theres a leak under my supra in the same place !?
should i let the seal to seal and i shouldnt punch the car when we replaced the FMS or is it the mech error ?

and can somebody please descrpie how is the right way to enter the seal in the circle hole ?

thanks guys

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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