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Replacing Crankcase Hoses

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I began to change my plugs yesterday but had to stop when I concluded my dried up crankcase hoses wouldn't come off without breaking into bits. (I know, I should have taken the mkiv tech article advice and had extra hoses on hand, but I didn't.)

Can I avoid the cost and delay involved in getting the hoses from Toyota and instead use some other kind of hose? If so, let me know the details e.g. what material should the hose made of? what is the internal diameter of each hose? (are both hoses the same internal diameter? are both ends of each the same diameter) how should they be attached? clamps?
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Most, if not all, Toyota dealers can get you OEM parts the following day if not in stock. Just call every dealer within driving distance to see if they've got them -- if not, place an order, but make sure you order 2 or 3 sets so this won't happen again.

I think some others have attempted to fab the hoses as you are suggesting, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you can ensure a leakless conduit. The problem is simulating the joggle in the middle of each one.....
Thanks Fitchbuck. Dealer was saying it would be two days. I was in a hurry because I have a dyno test scheduled for Friday and wanted to get the plugs in.
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