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Replacing inside lights

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Hey, I dont know about all of you, but i hate that discusting toyota green internal light, you know the lights that come on when you cut the lights on at night. I was wondering if any of yall knew how i could change that color on the mkiv supras? If you do please tell me how....thanks, Chirs
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Yeah, I'd love to change all those lights to red or something..(they look soo good on the rx's and bimmers's) but I doubt it's possible to change ALL the green lights to red ones(the odometer light n stuff like that)... so it probably won't look good.. =(
man i wish you could but i doubt you could change all the green lights to another color
THe speedometer and tach lights are green because they have a green bulb condom on the bulb. You just have to change the condom to a different color to change the backlight.
Alan Orbeta has done it, he is a member of this forum, I guess you can private message him or something. He changed all his lights from green to blue to match his indiglo gauges. I think he did it with stuff you can get at radio shack.
arghhh! It's actually alot harder than it seems. I tried it once, got about 3/4's of the way there, then just stopped. The lights around the tech and speedometer is easy to replace, its the lights in the stereo and around heater/ac knobs that is a bitch. Finding colored bulbs in them small sizes is next to impossible. If I ever do decide to go all the way through with it, I'll probably just stain glass the bulbs.
SO what would i need if i want to replace the speed and tach meter area? and how?
Hey. Mark(msmont) is right. I changed the stock green lights to blue, but just in the AC controls. I didn't have to change the stock stereo or gauge cluster because I have an aftermarket deck(Kenwood Z727) and 5-color indiglos. I really just changed the backlighting for the AC controls, the ones that light up the little symbols at night and the HI/LO fan AC fan settings and temp controls. The stock green LEDs remain.

I used blue panasonic LED's that I purchased from Digikey. I also had to build a custom power supply to power the LED's at a certain voltage. Off the top of my head, I believe it's around 4v. I removed the stock Toyota bulbs and used the holders for the blue LEDs. It gives the dash a nice effect, the AC controls light up in blue/green and the Kenwood Z727 lights up in matching blue/green, the blue lighting also matches the blue display from my HKS turbo timer Type1 mounted where the TRAC control used to be. Blue lighting dominates the dash. It's a really cool effect and I am very happy with how it turned out. I'll try and have pics up soon.

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how did you replace the lights around the tech and speedometer ? what about the Gas Gauge part? Thanks in advance!
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