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Couldn't find this in search or FAQ, so I hope someone knows this...

Just completed a single turbo job, but need to know where the stock map sensor is so I can install the 3.5 bar version from AEM. Does anyone have a pic to post?

Also, if anyone has wiring instructions, I need that also.


1993 Auto
Titan 720cc Fuel Kit
AEM v1.03
dual stock fuel pumps
Greddy 4-row FMIC
FJO Wide-band O2
HKS Ti Exhaust
soon...3.5 bar map sensor ;)

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Jon, thanks for that info. Being an auto, I will be running 18 psi also since I heard the tranny can't handle HP beyond that. Looks like we have similar setups. After tuning it in with the FJO, I'd be happy to swap fuel maps.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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