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I apologize if this is deemed not the right forum for this question
The original post in this forum had much more useful responces than in the stereo forum

I want to upgrade my 401 wrhp 94TT 6 speeds stereo front to back 'cept for the tweeters. I looked through FAQ's after a search and found little. Any recommendations for replacing the

- rear sub
- rear speakers
- amp
- door speakers
- head unit

As for the speakers I'd like to modify little to none and therefore would be be looking for what fits in stock speaker locations. I'd be looking for a moderately priced system 'cause you get what you pay for

Thanks Again

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I pretty much did the same except for replacing the rear ones, since they weren't blown. I went with Nazar's custom subwoofer box, 3 x JL6w0's, fits in the stock sub location, same size as the stock sub box. I also bought an Alpine CDA-9813 head unit from him and a JL 250/1 amp to power the subs. i got some Orion door speakers from my local shop and its all sounding good now.

sub box : $300
subs, $60 x 3 = $180
amp: $260
head unit: $300
door speakers: $175

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