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Hello Members,

I am a new member, but a car lover my entire life. I am searching a new business. Reproducted rubber and plastic products for cars.

I have a whole saler that can get nearly any plastic: telflon, nylon ect and rubber parts. They can even make molds for old trim pieces. I am trying to find out what are the big demand items and hard to find pieces owners are looking for.

There is no end to the products...gears for window , oil rings, gaskets better than OEM!! and cheaper !!!!

Please let me hear what you guys want; it will benefit everyone. Please also include what the price you think the price is worth. I will research what the OEM price is, I want to know from you what the salvage yard and ebay prices are.

If you could please send me an email with the above info so I can database it:

[email protected]

Major Ideas: t top seals, clear side markers, clear front signals (looking in other colors as well). If possible post or email pictures with your ideas. If there is a big demand for something I will research the production cost. For your help I will give a specail discount to members on this board.


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