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After dialing in the overall rideheight with the new CCWs I took the car over to get corner balanced and aligned. Here are the final numbers with 205lb driver

1044 963

859 761

Cross weights came out to be 1822/1805 so I was pretty happy to get it that close. The car ended up weighing 3420 with a half tank, so that wasn't too bad for minor weight savings. Most of the heights cam out to be right at 26" measured from the ground to the center of the fender.

They had a hard time hitting the caster that I wanted because of my camber request, but here are the results.

Camber -1.6
Toe 0
Caster 3.5

Camber -1.5
Toe 1mm in

After taking some corners at speed I have to say that this setup is very nasty. The car seems to be a lot more neutral on throttle, and overall just a lot more predictable. The best part about it is the whole balancing and alignment only cost $195!! I couldn't believe it when he quote me that price but the best part is they knew what they were doing too. I have a couple of track days coming up so I will let you guys know how it really feels on the track.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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