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Hello again, all!

I used to be fairly frequent on here, until life put my car dreams on hiatus, and my poor baby lived covered in the street, or eventually in a garage for nearly 15 years. (Grr, work and kids...) I was younger, and much less experienced then. Now I'm older, and marginally more experienced, but more conservative as well.

After sitting in a garage for nearly 12 years, I got froggy one day and decided to clean out the garage enough to turn the car around so I could work on it more easily. Many steps led to getting that done, not least of which was a new fuel pump, and a minor gaffe while installing it. 🤷‍♂️ Well, after all that got sorted, I turned the key a second to last time, and it coughed. Gave it one last go, and it came back to life!!!! Purring just like I remember it when I garaged it in 2009.

So, what's a guy to do with a Supra just resurrected from a long coma?

Put it under the knife!! Right now I've got the head off, just got it back from the shop. I've been picking and pawing at cleaning things up as I go, but right now I'm just in the market for bunch of replacement parts. I'd like to redo all the Intake/Exhaust manifold bolts, replace all the rubber in the engine compartment (half of the hoses turned into dust in my hand, and I don't trust the other half). Along with about eleventy dozen other small things.

That's just the prime-mover mechanical bits. The last time I drove it any real distance (ca. 2008), the muffler fell off, so I may as well go whole hog and replace the entire exhaust from the manifold back. But that's a future me problem. There's also lots of little electrical gremlins (power window switches are wonky), and a few other inconvenience things I currently forget. Still need a new gasket for the targa, but this baby lives in the garage now, so that's much lower down the priority list. And waaaaay down at the bottom because a: I don't really need it, and b: I know it's going to be an absolute terror to fix, is getting the A/C working again. I know I need the compressor, and I may have to re-plumb the whole system. We will see.

Anyway, looking forward to getting fast and dirty with this crew again.
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