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Rev Limit kicking at 3.5k? No boost

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Hey guys I have a 1994TT w/ exhaust, downpipe, intake and hks bov. Yesterday I was racing my buddies Rx-7 had him off the line and then all of a sudden the car just stopped making boost. I pulled over and was like wtf? But after a minute I started it back up and the car is rev limiting at 3.5k. I think I hear the first turbo making boost but I think its releasing all the pressure from the bov, but I am not sure. My boost gauge will not go above 0psi.
It was dark out so I wasnt able to look at the hoses closely, but they seemed fine. Also when I was coming home the idle would sometimes drop to 0 nd then come back but it wouldnt stall. What is my problem guys?
If it makes a difference i put in 100 octane unleaded gas in my car before the race.
If if I have to reset ECU how do I do it?
Should I change my plugs?
Thanks in advance!
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Im not 100% sure whats going on, but I will at least give you a few ideas that hopefully may help a little... I dont have my digital camera anymore otherwise id take a photo of the exact area, but its possible one of the two small hoses popped off.. they are at the back of that mess of metal tubes above the turbos near the firewall, two small hoses, really small.. one for turbo 1 and the other for 2, 2 generally pops off, it happened to me the other day so I figured its worth a shot.. its easy to spot because its right next to the engine near the firewall and relatively on top of everything...

Very well could have nothing to do with it, but since it happened to me the other day maybe you will be lucky.. Also the idle problem I had once when my intercooler piping was disconected (fucking body shop) and it ran like TOTAL SHIT it was horrible.. but it stauled and yours does not.. may wanna check that and just every hose you can possibly see..

To reset the ECU open the fusebox and remove the 30amp fuse labeled EFI #2 I think... otherwise remove both of them.. both 30amp, next to each other.. for 20-30 seconds then replace.. should be reset.

Might wanna check your plugs as well.

Hope this helps you somewhat.. sorry if it doesnt
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Hey, I have a digital camera! :)

Anyway, check your MAF (Mass Airflow sensor) connection, looks like car is in "limp-home" mode, and does not know how much air is getting introduced into the engine. MAF is behind your air filter.

Also, check engine error codes.
Check your IC hoses, because I can almost guarantee that's your problem. Do you have a stock BOV? Even if your BOV was leaking, it would allow you to make some boost.

There are ones that go down the passenger side that difficult to see unless you get under the car. Check them *ALL* "They look ok" is not good enough.

Reset your ECU after you reattach your IC hose also.

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