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Well now I have owned this car for about 6 years its time to make some new progress with it. about 3 years ago the 7mgte suffered what I thought to be a bhg but found it wasnt after I got it tore down. Times got pretty dramatic and the project never got put back together so its sat and sat under a carport for the past years. I figure its time to get it back to where it was at one time if not in better and stronger condition. I have now started scrapping the 7m and picked up a jarco 1jz front clip from a local nw shop. Time to get to work bring this pig back to life. this will be my first motor swap. Have done a few share of replacements but this is my first swap and my first jz. Ah a new life!

back when I first got her
her past prime
couple months ago after a wash
night of front clip delivery
the clip arrived
a peak under the clip hood
before tear down
a lil something acomplished

and thats where it sits till this coming weekend. Nothing will stop me rain snow or shine I need my supra feen taken care of. Also if anyone has the dash and fuse box wiring pinouts for the 1jz please let me know. I was unable to find them in faq or search.
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