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If this thread doesn't apply (thought it may serve well here) or is too much let me know (moderator) or simply delete it, won't be offended.

Most who know me on here (been a member since 01) know I'm a "Christian" and I've gotten in a few debates but I've refrained from that for a long while (and don't care to in this thread either! Please!).

I'm not here to debate God, religion, wars, blah... but to say...

Our church is experiencing Revival. My pastor is originally from England, was a drunk rugby player for a good while but at age 29 God grabbed his heart. He gave up all that he had (literally) and traveled the world preaching the Gospel. Him and his wife have spent the last 29 years having 5 children (homeschooling) along the way, traveling around the world, all on NO promised income. All by faith and trust in God and the blessings of those who send him.

When they arrived to america as a couple in the 70's they hitch-hiked around the US and canada and were met with loving people who opened their homes as well as their car doors.

They've settled at a church (my church!) here in Kingston NY. We've been doing "church" for a while now, pretty good and seeker friendly, but we all felt it wasn't enough.

My pastor is a prophet (and has been VERY accurate) and spoke over this one evangelist who came to town recently and it blew us apart. All our "scheduled" things have been given up for the move of God.

We've been seeing healings, deliverances, and all the stuff you shake your head at on TBN and other TV Networks.

I'll admit- I'm a big skeptic myself, but being IN it is another story,... I grew up catholic but was radically changed after suffering through my parents divorce and literally having all my friends turn their backs on me. I had nobody, and nothing.

Anyways, My wife has had migraines for a long time now, and issues sleeping. One night last week she was called out, prayed for, fell in laughter (Joy of the Lord) and felt like a million bucks the next day. She slept better than she has in over 3 years all week and is doing good with her headaches!

So it's a bit personal but I'm inviting anyone within reason to Kingston (Lake Katrine technically - zip 12449) at our church to perhaps experience something yourself.

Directions and details at our homepage:

And if you want to watch online you can go to: and search "kingston fire" tonight at 6:30pm is our next service.

*we've had issues with sound, sorry, the stream isn't that great :shrug:*

And you'll see me in the stream, I lead sing. Tonight I'll be in my grey hooded t-shirt if you care to look for me. You'll definitely hear me lol. My brother is the lead guitarist.

Be blessed!
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