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Hey guys, I am selling my Drag car. It's a championship car, and it's been fully rebuilt with no passes on it. It's got a new engine, trans, tires, fuel system, wiring and ECU. This is the car that I won the championship in back in the NDRA days. I don't want it to rot away as I don't have any time to race it. It's a one off for sure with a cool all metal wing. It's got a NHRA certified cage in it goor up to 8.49 seconds in the quarter. This car is equipped with two NOS systems. Runs 46 psi boost and it toted the tire at it's final event in MIR in 2008. It's a proven car, and it can be had for a bargain. I would like for you to PM me if your serious, and it's expensive, but not bad at all and less than if you want to replicate it today. You can check out this link below.

Thank You!

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