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Rim suggestions

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I am trying to decide between Antera Type 181, Fittipaldi Force, Konig Monsoons, and Enkei RP01's. I was planning on keeping the same size front but go to a 17X10 rear. Hopefully this will not cause too much of an understeer problem. I considered 18's but I don't want to put up with a harsh ride or extra tire expense.

Do any of you have suggestions on this?? :confused:

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If you get RPO1's with Kumho Ecsta Supra 712's 18" wheels and tires are very reasonable. You can get the 18x9" 42mm offset wheel with 255/35R18's front and 18x9.5" 45mm offset wheels with 275/35R18's for the rear. I would be more concerned with increasing the width of the front wheels before the rear. The car already understeers to much stock.

Later, Steve
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