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road atlanta or Nashville track

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Has anybody run a track day at road Atlanta or the new Nash track? I really want to and wanted to get feedback on the 2 tracks. I know there are many walls at road Atlanta. Any feedback would be welcome.
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Road Atlanta!!

I did a track day at Road Atlanta, before Panoz bought it, and when it still had "the dip", which was both the most terrifying and exhilarating segment of track you could imagine. Even without it, the track is spectacular, and I would without a doubt go there.
Thanks for the post. The course still looks like it would kick ass!!! Were walls much of a concern for you? My dawg is my daily driver and I really do not want to smack a wall at 150.:eek:
Anybody run the road course in Nash?

My car is also my daily driver; I drove it there and back. The only place around the track where I was concerned was coming down from the bridge turn, where the pit entrance used to be; that turn is quite fast, and before the wall, there was a ditch - That concerned me some; but what happens, is that the first few times you go around there conservatively, you start to feel that because as you turn the road levels, you have a tremendous amount of grip. The grip actually increases as you become more aggressive, and when you get it right, trust me; you'll feel it, and you'll feel safe.

Look - There may not be many places where a street car can go on a high quality road course; along with Laguna Seca, Mid Ohio and Road America, Road Atlanta stands among the best in the US. Go for it - just drive within your means, and work your speed up at the pace with which you are comfortable.

Thanks, I had planned on going this summer but I never got the chance to. I plan on going next year..maybe we can go at the same time. It would be cool to have two Supras out there at the same time.. I would also have someone to shoot for as long as you are still with the stock pea shooters..:rolleyes:
I am straight BPU; and will consider going to Road Atlanta if the situation (price / track time) is right. I went last June to TWS (look at Andi's website for the June writeup), and am planning to return there in December.

I also find myself driving less aggressively than before, and will have to work my way back - I have always thought that driving technique is the great majority of the game; my friend who went back-to-back to Road Atlanta cut his lap tmes from the first time to the second by nearly 10 seconds. There is no modification I know of that will make up that difference.

Again, if you have never done this before, it is most important to drive within your means, and not get upset when your instructor in the stock MR2 is 15 seconds faster than you. At both events I have been to, (Road Atlanta in 95, TWS last June) some guy went home in a tow truck. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, both guys were driving vettes (again, look at Andi's write-up for the June NASA TX event).

So, if things (including the home budget) are right, I may end up going to one of the Road Atlanta Events.

Rich B - 94 BPU 6-spd
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how much (roughly) does it cost to do one of those events?
Look up Panoz they own road Atlanta now and look under track days. All the information is there. Hope this helps.

Lateralusfu....did you look up the Panoz? It would be cool if we could get several Supra's to go there at the same track day next summer.

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