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Road Atlanta

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Just wondering if there were any other ALMS fans out there? Anyone going to the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta on Oct 6? There are lots of car clubs that park infield, any interest in a Supra meet at the event? Noticed a few southest Supra owners responding on this forum and hoped to spark some interest in some great racing and a get together.
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I definitely plan to go. I've missed it the past 2 times but I should be there his year.
I'll keep an eye out for your car. I have been there since the first PLM in '98, and it is awesome. Total sensory overload. Watching a million dollar prototype blast up the hill at turn 1 just about 40ft from you is incredible. Anyone who hasn't been should really go. Blow off NOPI and use the money for race tickets.
anyone interesed go to
or email me and I'll give you details.
Sounds fun. I might like to go. i was invited last year, (I think it was last year) but couldn't go. Let's see if we can put something together. It's only about 35 minutes from my house.
At the last Petite Lemans, I looked for other Supras but didn't see a one. I am going in October. Wouldn't mind hooking up with other Supras at the infield.
Barry 94tt
I am considering going. I will just have to see what the schedule will be like. It sounds like fun if we can ger several Supras together.
I plan to go also missed the last two times also, but will go this time if all works out.
How much is it going to be?? I'll probably be there w/ Blitz and YBSlow.. How much extra is it to get inside the track??
Hey Blitz, No luck YET on the situation for Saturday.. I'll call when I find out... YB, You going w/ us this weekend?? U missed last year... :beer:
To find out info on this go to they have the schedule and ticket info. It is $65 for a Superticket which is the only way to get admittance to the race for Sunday but it gets you there all days. I think that gets you in the paddock too which I never miss the opportunity to go down there and check out the prototypes up close. I am going. I have only missed one ALMS race at Road Atlanta since they have been putting them on. Great stuff.
As to meeting up with other Supras, the Porsche people have a "corral", so does Corvette and BMW. It would be nice if all the Supra owners could park together for our own whoopdedoo. I usually park in the "infield" on the right just after the crossover bridge into the infield. About 150 feet down. That was next to the Porsche club and across the infield road from the Corvette folks last year so maybe that is a good spot. I also like it because you are close to the track exit and don't get stuck in a lot traffic such as turn five and seven. What do you think?
Barry 94ttsupra 6sp.
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CORRECTION!!!! SORRY. The Petit Lemans is on Saturday Oct.6th not Sunday. I didn't use to be that way. I keep forgetting. The Road Atlanta website is pretty lame and I went to go check the ALMS website I think (didn't look today) but believe for the Saturday event only there may be a $45 ticket price. Whether that gets you into the paddock I can't recall. They are going to have a IMSA GTP historic race on Saturday. That is awesome. Those were and still are some of the finest racing machines on the planet!!! Toyota, Nissan, Porsche, Jaguar. Sorry for the bad info earlier.
Barry 94ttsupra 6sp.
Dude I couldn't find the Prices on there anywhere.....? what is it for Sat and Sun?? And how much just for Saturday..?
OK here is the info. When you go into the site and scroll down to the Petit Lemans where it says "sunday racing has been added" you can click there to go in and look at ticket prices, order, etc. Saturday is the day of the Petit Lemans and the Historic IMSA GTP Race. Sunday is the Speedvision touring car race (lots of fender rubbing). Here is the general info:

General Admission (Sat.) $35 advance $45 gate
1 day Super ticket (Sat.) $45 advance $55 gate
(this includes paddock pass to pits)
4 day Super Ticket (w,t,f,sat,sun.) $65 Adv. $75gate.

I believe the only way to get Sunday is to buy the four day super ticket. Saturday is the main event but if you have the time, the speedvision races are close and physical!
If you have any more questions call Road Atlanta at 800-849-RACE See you there!
Barry 94ttsupra 6sp.
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