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Hi Everyone,
I recently purchased a 1993.5 Supra Na 5-speed.
I know its no TT for power, but will I just get my doors
blown off attending events at Pocono Raceway, or Lime-
rock Park?? Will I be in the way??
I have done autox in the past with a Porsche, but never
have I done a event with other cars on the track. Are you
grouped with other cars and drivers who have the same
experiene and power, or are you just thrown together??
Will it be a good car to learn, and after I have more
experience look fr something faster?? (TT)

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Go for it, your not missing anything by having a car with a little less power.. it will help you out when your just starting out anyway.

Having more power then most other people on the track just allows you to make up for bad technique by catching the other cars in the straights.


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Most tracks, on their open track days, have different run groups based on speed potential of the cars or driver experience level.... As for getting blown away, I'm sure Michael Schumaker in your NA could blow away most of us in our TTs, regardless of the track. I'm guessing on a shorter track the NA/TT difference will be much less than on a bigger track with higher speeds. Autoxing I'll bet the NA might be as fast as the TT with equal rubber.


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Thanks Mike and Jeff for your positive replies.
I took my NA out today and drove through the
curvy country farm roads here in PA. I really
enjoyed how the car handled while I tried
different techniques in how I approached
the curves. I brought it home and gave it
a good wash. It was then I decided the heck
with TT for a while, you know, you get so caught
up with these forums on how to squeeze every
bit of HP from your car, that you lose memory
that you have your hands on a steering wheel and stick shift, foot on the throttle, brakes and
clutch, and how you have control of the
balance of the car. I am going to quit thinking about
a faster car, learn road racing with this car, and in
a year or two, then consider a TT.

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You could always add a turbo to the NA later- that's what I did. Except I pulled the complete engine and driveline for a T-78 single 6-speed swap.
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