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March 15th is going to be an exciting day.

The flyer is up now... please pass the word around ... and post on as many forums as you can ...

and get everyone to come out to the biggest Import Swap Meet around !!! Domestics are welcome too. 001_smile.gif


With the recession affecting everyone from lost of work, jobs and shortage of cash to attend events… we have been talking to the officials at Rockingham since the winter months about the up coming events for Rockingham. We are going to add a swap meet to all the Rockingham events for 2009!

The last swap meet we had here at the shop was like 4 years ago. Our parking lot was over packed with crazy deals. We have been so busy over the years that we didn't have time to put on another swap meet. This is our 10th year in business and we are going to push for more events, meets, etc for the Import Communities.

We are going to push for 4 swap meets this year!!!! Mark your calendars and take off work!!!

These are the confirmed dates so far...

001_smile.gif March 15th, 2009 (Car show, Drag race, Swap meet!)

001_smile.gif May 3rd, 2009 (Car show, Drag race, Swap meet!)

001_smile.gif July 18th, 2009 (Car show, Drag race, Swap meet!)

001_smile.gif Nov 1st, 2009 (Car show, Drag race, Swap meet!)


001_smile.gif Location: (Rockingham, NC) - THE ROCK!

This is located in the middle of North Carolina! People from Wilmington don't want to drive to Charlotte. People from Charlotte don't want to drive to Wilimington. If you live on the eastern or western side of NC, you won't have to drive but half way across the state now!


001_smile.gif General Admissions! ($15.00 person!) Everyone must pay to enter the track.

Phantasm does not touch the money or profits from sales of admission tickets, please don't complain. The money goes to renting Rockingham Dragway for the day and payrolls for their employess. There is no reason why you cant afford to come to these events if you just bring one item to sell. See below!


001_smile.gif Swap Meets! (Free!) We want everyone to sell at the Phantasm Swap Meets!

You know you got parts laying around that you don't want to trash, or recycle. Turn your parts into cash! It's free for you to sell at the events! There is no booth fee! If you got a shop, bring your parts too!

We encourage you to bring someone to help you with setting up your own area, and to help you with your sales. You are also responsible for your own security guard, so bring someone that you trust to watch over your merchandises. We ask that you bring a table or cardboards to lay your parts on besides setting it on the ground or asphalt. I prefer the cardboards method since you can use a sharpie to write your prices on there. This way 50 people don't ask you how much you want for your parts, plus at the end of the day you can throw the cardboards away and not have to carry it home.

Everything that you bring to the swap meet, you must take home or sell by the end of the day. If you bring any parts that leaks fluids or oil, please use cardboard to set it on. Cleaning your parts before bring it to the swap meet can bring higher resale value. I know I wouldn't want to touch your dirty parts or put dirty parts in my car.

Again, you have to clean your swap meet area at the end of the day. Please be respectful of the area they provide for your swap meet. Don't leave trash, parts, garbage, junks at the meet when you leave. If we have to clean up after you… we will just cancel the swap meet for the rest of the season. Don't ruin it for yourself and everyone else.


001_smile.gif Car Club Meets! (Free!)

Many forums will host their club meet at Rockingham this year.,,, will have their own designated area to use. We really have an unlimited amount of space to use, just let us know how much space you really need. This is a great opportunity for you to have a Cookout-BBQ, Photoshoots, and meet new peoples. You are welcome to bring more ideas to the table or if you need a place for your own car club, just let us know.


001_smile.gif Car Show! ($25.00)

As always, we will have the car show area set up. We are too busy with the other areas of the events and we really need your help with the car show. We need a few people to judge the show, and stuff like promoting the show. Let me know if you are interested in helping out.


001_smile.gif Drag Race! ($25.00) ¼ mile Fun run!

Race your friends, Race everyone! The race is open to everyone from Imports to Domestics, Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, SUVs, including Top Fuel Dragster! Bring it all, we love racing!


The flyers will be made soon. Please copy and forward this info to all your friends or anyone interested in having a good time. If anyone has any questions, please call me at the shop. Do Not PM me. Thanks. –Nam (919) 828-1722 001_smile.gif
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