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The autopower cages aren't bad for what they are. They're legal for SCCA stuff. They're bolt in, so you don't need to have a welder available. One thing I've noticed about the autopower 6-point cages is they don't go through the dash but around it. And they bolt to the floor kind of in front of the dead pedal. It's not necessarily bad, but I personally don't like it. I'm pretty sure they're like this with the supras although I've never seen one installed, I've only seen them installed in s13s and s14s.

But like someone else said, just make one or have one made for you. Call around to some shops and see how much people will charge to make them for you. Just make sure, if you plan on doing certain types of racing, that whatever cage you have made for you will pass the specs needed to compete. Otherwise you're just wasting money.

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