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Rome.. a couple of things:

1st...I will second Lagtime on the installation of your ebc. DO NOT have them connect it to your 2nd turbo...that actuator is for pre-spool, NOT a wastegate actuator!!!! No wonder I people get so damn frusterated with shops...I actually used this link for installing my GReddy E-01: and it works perfectly (of course except the usual BPU boost creep that everyone has in cold weather)...
2nd..your BCC maybe connected correctly, but needs to be tuned to the right output voltage..see this link: I don't know how to check it already in the car, since I adjusted mine before I installed it by just connecting it to my 14v cordless drill battery :) and using a volt meter...
3rd..can't help with the s-afc2 since I don't have one...if it feels different with it disconnected, maybe they did do some adjustments to it without your knowledge...

As for a tuner in North Cali check in the Cal Forum, there is a sticky with the number to ATP in Fremont...they have a good rep, though I personally have only bought parts from them and they are very quick and helpful....and on just a quick opinion, if these guys at the shop you did go to don't know something as simple as hooking up an ebc to your car correctly, I might not trust them to tune my fuel ratio, if they screw that up, bye bye 2 cents...
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