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The idle is really rough right now like an ignition problem. I drove it pretty hard the night before. The next day I notice rough idle, it would drive normally during cruising but as time pass on it would build boost slower and slower. I can still hit full boost but much later.

My setup:

PT67 on a custom manifold that uses part of the stock twin turbo manifold.
Stock ignition running NGK 3330
Upgraded fuel system with 720cc injectors

What I've checked so far:

Visual check of all the hoses.
Changed out the spark plugs and also tried another set of coil packs.
No smoke coming out of exhaust.
Coolant doesn't seem to have any oil.
Check for timing to see if the timing belt jumped a tooth.
Check to make sure nothing has come loose on the exhaust and intake side.
No wires or plugs of any kind is loose.

What is weird is that my egt is dropping really fast. Usually after a short cruise, it would sit at about 340c but now it would drop below 300 right away after parking. Could it be a cracked manifold or is something up with the motor?
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