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I was fixing my car to pass the smog. I changed a few things, o2 senor, EGV valves, air filter…etc etc. While I was doing those, I dropped my airflow meter on the floor (so stupid) & now the idle becomes very rough. It is ok on high RPMs, but when it gets to low idling RPMs it just goes up & down 100-200, it just doesn’t stable. The good news is that I passed the smog, but now I have this idling problem. I disconnected the plug from the airflow meter & the car would die rite away. I also notice a bit of power loss at high RPMs…

Do u guys agree that it’s the airflow meter? Or something else?

BTW, I haven’t put my turbo back yet due to the fact that I just finished my head job a few months ago, so it’s stock right now.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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