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Whenever I start my car, it won't just fire up, it'll crank over and over then fire, sometimes for about 15 cranks, sometimes for about 4. This occurs wether the car is hot, or cold. Also, my idle will sit at 1100, and sometimes, down to 750. My car is also getting terriable gas milage. I am almost empty and I have not turned over 200 miles on a full tank.. Any ideas what the problem is? Fuel filter has been suggested, but I don't think that could be the sole cause. One last note, at times, when I turn the car off and get out, I can smell raw gasoline very strongly. Any suggestions?

Background: Bought the car in May, spun rod bearing 4 hours after purchase. Finished stock rebuild aprox. 1 month ago. Have 1300 miles on the engine...

_ JUstin
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