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RPM dips down & sometimes kills the car??BOV Level?

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Somtimes when Im driving my RPM gauge will dip down and almost "choke " the car , but the computer saves it. Somtimes it kills the car. I thought It was my BOV leaking to much boost but Ive tightend it up almost all the way and every once in a while it will still do it. Any tips for adjusting it to the right level??? Right now it wont blow off under 3k rpm. Whats Up.

97 Supra TT
BOV ( 2 chamber apex)
Tanbe exhaust
RMM DWN pipe
Air intake syst
FMIC with hard pipe kit
Boost Controler (14 , 18)
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What I would do is tighten it all the way and loosen it one thread at a time. Drive the car around the block until you find the sweet spot. Make sure you take your tools with you in case the car dies and won't start back up (don't ask me how i know!)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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