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Just wanted to post some feedback on the new clutch i just got in. Dusty at MVP was really a big help in making the final decsion.

I had a rps stage 3 with light Fly in the car which blew. If anyone knows this clutch it is a workout on your left leg and the engagement is pretty much on/off until it broken in alittle.

In comparison the carbon clutch feels like stock pedal pressure and from start up it felt like it was already worn in!! No on/off style engagement and very easy to slip. I have only put 100miles on the new clutch but can honestly say it is now not so much of a bitch to drive in traffic. The car is also Quieter than with the rps stage 3. I have no Chatter at idle(raised to 1000rpm) now. I little chatter at low rpm in gear when cruising. I have not turned the a/c on to see the difference yet either.

If you have the money you will save in the long run. RPS stage 3 clutch with Light Fly is probably $1200 and not rebuildable. Carbon Clutch is $2700 but rebuildable. I had to get a new clutch because of the Stage 3 blowing and messing up the tranny bell housing. I had to replace the tranny and get a new clutch. I just wish the carbon carbon would have been a option when i bought the stage 3.

Again thanks Dusty for your straight infomation in deciding on the carbon

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