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RPS Clutch Problems

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I bought a RPS Stage 3 clutch and before my motor went, i had maybe 2k miles on it. Today we took the tranny apart from the motor and looked at the clutch, and there almost nothing left on the clutch disk. If i call RPS and explain my problem will they offer to replace it or something, or will they tell me they can't do anything? I know there are a few of you who have had RPS clutch problems, Will specifically... If anyone could give me some insight, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

- John
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Are you sure its fucked up? That doesn't make sence to me. Are the rivets almost to the surface? If so then call Rob up and tell him you need to have your disk resurfaced.
SupraspeedMKIII said:
Are the rivets almost to the surface?
Yep and the pressure plate is scored around the outer edge. How much does it cost to get it resurfaced, do you know?
What condition was your flywheel in?
Welcome to the club! I went through a RPS stage 3 Carbon Claw clutch in less than 4000 miles. I dealt with JT at RPS. Because my rebuild had taken 14 months and other problems caused me to lose interest in the car. I let it sit for long periods of time. So JT suspected I was not being truthful about the amount of miles on the clutch. All they would do for me was give me a "GOOD" deal on a 3200lb Max Special.

yes welcome to the club. I had that same clutch and the first time i got sent one, the pressure plate was defective and it took A LOT of effort to move from gear to gear. in 1st it would creep slightly. My buddy bought an RPS clutch that did the same thing also in his MR2 Turbo.

anyhow I sent the clutch back to RPS, they sent me out another one. this time the pressure plate was all good but the disc looked like SHIT. I mean the material on the pucks were torn and ghetto. my mechanic looked at it and said, "CRAP!". We didn't even install it.

So i sent the disc back, and FINALLY, god damn FINALLY get a good disc. we install it, and bam that clutch did me good for 2 years and who knows how many 12 sec passes.

in summary it seems like RPS has shitty quality control. but if u do get one of their good clutches it will do u good.
RPS uses the WRONG clutch hub for their clutches. Check out They use what I suspect is a w-58 or maybe even a 22r clutch hub, which isn't nearly as heavy as a r-154 clutch hub. My friction surfaces lasted fine. The pressure plate surface was worn down pretty bad, though. I think it is a bunch of crap that RPS don't use the right clutch hub for their clutches.
I went through a 3200lbs 6puck in about 2000 miles, if that. Pressure plate wasnt that bad so I reused that, Disk was thrashed along with my stock flywheel, which was JTs reccommendation. I hate RPS, but thats where I spent my money so I am stuck. JT wont be willing to work with you on the price of rebuilding the clutch. At least he didn't with me. When I suggested he split the cost of rebuilding the clutch, he pretty much insulted me by telling me I don't know how to drive a manual car. I think its funny he can make such assumptions from 3000 miles away, when a stock clutch that saw over 400hp, over 40 hard 1/4 mile passes and 30,000 miles looked practiacally untouched when I pulled it from my car. I put in a fidanza and his street disk, with the same PP. Smooth as silk, compared to that 6 puck which chattered like nuts.

MKIIISupraguy, interesting about the PP causing it to be hard to get in gear. Are there any visible signs I can look for on the PP that will tell me if my PP is causing this?
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i have the max series pressure plate and the six puck sprung hub now. I had about 500-800 miles on the new motor and clutch when the thrust bearing got smashed all to hell. Im not quite sure what to attribute the problem to, but Im analyzing all of my components now to see what can be reused. Im wondering what you guys think about me putting this clutch back in my car.
Disable the clutch safety switch so you dont have to start the car with the clutch in. Don't forget to make sure the car is in nuetral when you start it
Has anyone else noticed that these RPS issue threads happen every couple months, but we have not had one for SPEC at all?
damn you guys are scring me i ahve a bradn ewn rps 3200l;bs clutch waiting to be put in and now i think i dont want it anymroe?
what shoudl i do ?
I will admit that in the past RPS has had some problems here and there, but who hasn't? No one can please everyone.

I have had my 3200lb Special as they call it for nearly 18-20 months now driving it daily. 425+ tq through it all the time. I have yet to have any problems with it at all. No issues to speak of. I also use the Fidanza flywheel with it too.

The Spec clutch is an awesome clutch too. I have had a few customers blow them out pretty quickly just as some have spoken of the RPS doing the same. No clutch is perfect for everyone. Some like RPS, some don't. But you shouldn't be worried. All Supras at MVP all use RPS clutches and none have problems. We all drag them, launch them hard, use them for what they were intended for.
I would go buy another clutch, but that still leaves me with an R154 that isn't very well suited to drag racing. Any word on a th350 adapter? All we would need are the adapter and flex plate. Everything else is basic fabrication, other than getting the speedometer to work and that ABS sensor in my case, which I can deal with no speedometer for a while.
For refrence, how was SPECs reaction to the failed clutches? (Replacement, costs, ect.)
My advise is send it back and get a spec, My friend bought his RPS from MVP and they gave him the same load of bull about it being a good street clutch blah blah....... its now a VERY expensive paperweight.
Same load of bull? May I ask what your basis for this statement is?

The "bull" that you are referring to is not just something we pull out of the air. This information we provide is based on hundreds of thousands of dollars of RPS sales yearly. This is also based on facts and figures that RPS provides to us. We would not put these clutches on a customers car or on our own personal vehicles if we felt it was not a quality product. What would be the point in that?

By calling what we say a load of bull, you are directly calling myself and MVP a liar. That is not something I take lightly. I have no idea what your past history or problems are with RPS, but that doesn't give you any reason to attack what I said to a customer. No reason for it whatsoever.
Trent, question. Why isn't the 3200lb special on MVP website? Did RPS stop making them for our cars?
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