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On the website it says we recommend the rps lightened flywheel over the others? What's the reason behind this. The reason I'm asking is I bought a used Fidanza lw flywheel and was wondering if it would work with the rps clutch?

'RPS Stage 3 Clutch with Sprung Hub for 1993-98 Supra Twin Turbo
Part # RP MS-22170-SP

This package includes the RPS Turbo Clutch Pressure Plate and the RPS Carbon Claw 6 puck disc (sprung hub) disc. This clutch kit can hold up to 825 foot pounds of torque & is 38% stiffer than stock. This design is for use with a lightened flywheel (we recommend the RPS over the other choices). This clutch will hold around 800 RWHP or more.

The picture shows a disc with alternating material on the 6 pucks. Please note the disc that RPS now ships has identical material on all 6 pucks.
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