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I have an RPS stage 3 with a fidanza flywheel. as I went for a midnight drive I lost clucth pedal pressure, I thought I may be low on fluid and pulled over checked the levels to be ok. As the night progressed it got worse and worse.
I can shiftr comfortably by pressing the pedal 75% and I'm ok. If I press the pedal 100% to touch bottom I get a horrible noise and I can feel in the pedal as the clutch disk is slipping in idle.

My mechanic (ex-supra owner) tells he remebers that RPS had problems with their diaphragms back 6 or 7 years ago, but has not heard of anything since.

Has anyone had a similar problem or can think of this happening before?
Any recomendations? if this is a documented manufacturers defect do you think they will replace it or should I just write it off as a loss and get another?

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Pedal engaugement adjustment.
Snap rings popped off release hub or incorrectly installed.
Incorrectly torqued PP bolts.
Broken shift fork or bracket
Bad slave cylinder
Broken head off flywheel bolt lodged between disk and FW.

Just my experience.
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