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When you installed the rings on the throwout bearing, did you make sure the cone washer was going the right direction? If it is going the wrong direction, assembley will not perfom correctly.

I did it, and it will only allow the pressure plate to partially release. If you have the car on all four jackstands, start it up and see if when you have it in first (with clutch fully depressed) that the rear wheels are NOT MOVING. While the car is in the air you will be able to shift gears and such, but once its on the ground it will not move without and abundance of force. If the wheels are rotating, the pressure plate is not being fully released from the assembly. I just put another RPS clutch in my friends 94TT and had no problems.

Check the washers. But you know you have to pull it back out.

I have it down to under 45 mins to pull a tranny (and thats taking my time).

DP (The clutch man in OHIO).
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