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RPS turbo kit

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how is this kit? is it complete with all the parts you need and is it of a good quality? if it doesnt have all the parts you need what parts is it missing? i need to know everything bout this soon cause im planning on gettin this with a T-66 BB turbo cause no company makes a kit with this turbo
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its junk the kit is not complet and you need to mod lots of things rsp gives you hell when you need help! ask mello he had it and chuked it for the PHR kit !
Many people have been complaining that the kit doesn't come complete with all of the parts it was supposed to come with. There are also some quality issues. The manifold doesn't line up a lot of times on the head and needs to be modified or sent back for a new one. you should just go with a SP or PHR kit. They cost more, but from what everyone says about the quality of parts and service from these two shops, it seems like money well spent. Good luck.

or go with the greddy t78 kit!
is it possible to get the greddy kit with a t66?
Yeah you could go with the T66, but you would need a different down pipe made for it.....I dont think it would just bolt up.

As for quality, greddy is awesome...the reason why I did not go with a RPS kit, is because of some of the quality issues and the guy there gave me a bunk price and told me a bunch of BS about what came with it and lots more...

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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