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I am going to get MKIV rotors turned this evening and have been reading the TSM for Max rotor run out from Toyota.

I was talking to a fellow mechanic and he brought up an interesting point. He said, once you know how much run out is on the vehicle, you can compensate when you cut the rotor on a bench lathe.

Usually when I take my rotors to a machinist I just ask them to "turn them" on the lathe. I know what the Max run off is per the Toyota TSM, however what do I tell the shop the car's spec is to compensate? Do I need to tell them anything at all? I just don't want to end up doing this wrong.

Also when you buy brand new rotors from Toyota I would figure they adhere to this "max run out" spec, but how do people get the rotor and the car in spec without re-lathing a brand new rotor?

- Randy
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